FC3 61 feet

Initially seduced by our famous Ourson Rapide 60', our Eastern-European client, already the owner of a prestigious production 50 footer, thoroughly planned his project and compared all the offers on the market.

Eventually, he chose us to design a yacht really tailored to his wishes, to fulfill his program of long, short-handed (one couple with a child), off-shore cruises. Being an accomplished racer, he wanted a fast boat, both for the pleasure of speed and for that of the additionnal time at stopovers !
The yacht is 61 feet long (18.50m). It shall be comfortable, with a very high quality interior, while remaining very simple in its equiments, both for improved reliability and lighter weight. This is why the boat will feature a fixed keel, and will dispense with any hydraulics, heating and air conditioning.



Its classical rig with 2 sets of spreaders is very light, which reflects in the light keel, leading to an overall empty displacement of less than 14 tons.
As always, we strived to design a stable, safe, fast boat, with a very pleasurable steering behavior. Its chined hull provides power and inner space. It is entierly built out of high tech carbon fiber : Prepregs, Sprint, Nomex and Corecell.



Its deck layout is designed with simplicity and safety in mind, with a moderately large cockpit and a removable aft beam. The mainsheet is attached to an overhead arch, freeing the cockpit from its dangerous movements.



483 484 On the inside, the saloon and a working desk occupy the aft end of the boat, with a panoramic view to the sea on three sides. Galley and chart table are located on a riser to provide a front view through the coachroof windows. In the center of the boat, a guest cabin and a children cabin. In the front, the owner's cabin and its private bathroom.


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The boat is currently under contruction at Seaway (Slovenia)