Foils 2017

Foiling at finot-conq !


A few weeks ago, finot-conq confirmed they were designing a new Mini 6.50, featuring a number of state-of-the-art refinements : scow bow, foils, t-foils on the rudders, etc.


Today, finot-conq, based in Vannes (France), annonce they are currently working on the evolutions of Alan Roura's IMOCA La Fabrique.


The modification works will begin mid-january, as soon as La Fabrique is back at its base in Lorient, after Alan Roura and co-skipper Frederic Denis secured a beautiful 9th place in the last Transat Jacques Vabre. This first race onboard the new boat allowed Alan, youngest ever Vendee Globe participant, to take its full measure and therefore to better define his needs in the evolution phase.


Designed by finot-conq in 2006, La Fabrique was then called Britair, and finished second in the Vendée Globe 2008, skippered by Armel Le Cleach.


In 2015 and 2016, under the name MACSF, the boat has received new, better performing rudders designed by finot-conq, a new mast and a new boom. 


The next modifications concern 3 main topics :


- Removal of the daggerboards, construction and installation of foils.

- Structural modifications in the front half of the boat, to save weight and adapt to the foils.

- Optimisation of the keel bulb to adapt to the other modifications, within the IMOCA stability rules.


On the topic of foils, finot-conq has seeked the cooperation of one of the world's best aero and hydrodynamics specialists : Michel « Mick » Kermarec has been working for the America's Cup ever since 1995. He was responsible, among others, for appendages development and performance prediction for Oracle starting in  2007, and then for Artemis.


David de Prémorel, project manager at finot-conq, confirms « This project of modifications for La Fabrique is exciting in more than one way ! It allows us to put into practice the permanent research that we have been doing over the last 4 years on the topic of foils. It is also a great pleasure working with Mick Kermarec again. This collaboration allows us to skip a few steps : it confirms our good understanding of the physics of foils, while digging even deeper in some aspects. And we're really happy to drive the evolutions of our 2008 IMOCA, a fantastic platform in this regard, and to join such an enthusiastic and dynamic team as Alan's ! »


Studies are already underway at finot-conq for the design of these evolutions, which should bring significant performance gains reaching and downwind. They are the logical follow-up to 4 years of full-time research using the Fine/MARINE CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, which allowed finot-conq to remain at the very top of hull shapes and appendages design.


As a reminder, finot-conq owns the most impressive track record of the IMOCA class, with 18 boats designed and built, 4 victories in the Vendee Globe, and an unmatched relability of over 70%. With La Fabrique's evolutions project, finot-conq prove they remain world leaders for the design of a new IMOCA for the Vendée Globe 2020 !





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