1968 : Jean-Marie Finot designs Ecume de Mer. The prototype is built of aluminum by Huisman in the Netherlands. In 1969, the shipyard Mallard starts a series production, out of composite materials. It is a huge success : 1385 copies are built until 1980. Ecume de Mer wins the Quarter Ton Cup in 1970 and 1972. It receives the first ever "French yacht of the Year" award in 1975.

1970 : groupe finot is founded, with its offices near Paris.

1975 : Révolution wins the Admirald's Cup. From 1976 to 1979, it is crowned "RORC champion" four times in a row.

1977 : The First 22 marks the beginning of our cooperation with the shipyard Bénéteau, uninterrupted since then, and which gave birth to a few of the greatest successes in recreational sailing : Between 1977 and 2001, Bénéteau sold more than 16000 sailing yachts designed by groupe finot.

1985 : Pascal Conq joins groupe finot. At that time, he had already won the sailing "Tour de France" and designed the first canting keel regatta yacht : Urgent, a Micro class boat.

1989 : First win in the Mini-Transat.  The wide and light "Open" boats are born.

1989 : Beginning of the Vendée Globe adventure. Generali Concorde, skippered by Alain Gautier, sustains a rig failure while it  leads the race by a wide margin. It finishes this first Vendée Globe in 6th place. Out of the five other editions of this race, boats designed by groupe finot win four.

1990 : groupe finot designs the new one-design for the Figaro race : the Figaro Bénéteau. It is used until 2002.

2000 : Pascal Conq "relocates" closer to the skippers and settles in Vannes.

2004 : Vincent Riou leads PRB to the victory in the Vendée Globe. It is the first boat to ever win this race twice : Michel Desjoyeaux had won in 2000 with the same boat.

2005 : A new building is designed by, and built for groupe finot  close to Vannes harbour. The team of 3 moves in, as well as several other companies in the yachting industry.

2007 : Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss sets a new world speed record over 24h in the 60 feet monohulls category, breaking the 500 nautical miles barrier.

2009 : finot-conq SARL is founded in Vannes. It perpetuates the activities of groupe finot in the field of new boats development and design, and is responsible for the maintenance of existing designs. groupe finot lives on, focusing more on research, miscellaneous projects (emergency housing, river housing,...) and dinghies.