Tech Talk

Under this item, you can find technical articles, and information about our hi-tech (land) architectural projects.

CFD : Computational fluid dynamics

Today, CFD has become accessible, both in terms of time and cost, and its results are close to the reality. Two good reasons to invest and use it extensively.

Pascal Conq's speech at the Superyacht Design Symposium, October 24th 2012, in Miami, FLA

Advances in the design of performance cruising sailing yachts : Evolution of the architectural proportions

What do we call "power" in a sailing yacht ?

When talking about the power of a sailing boat, one could think of the power of its engine, or the way the boat "powers" through waves, or other very subjective feelings gathered from sailing. There is indeed a precise technical definition to the power of a sailing boat, and, as for any powered vehicle, it has a direct influence on its speed.

Canting keels : A 30 years story !

30 years ago this year, while he was studying architecture, Pascal Conq, with two friends of his, invents and builds the first canting keel.