Pogo 40S2

The Pogo 40, launched in 2003, was a real success, and won several major transatlantic races : Route du Rhum in 2006, Quebec - Saint Malo in 2008 (in the Pogo 40S racing version). When the Structures shipyard decided to renew the Pogo 40, there was an early decision to have two distinct versions : a cruising version (the Pogo 12.50) and a racing version. And so the Pogo 40S2 was born. It shares its new hard-chined hull with the Pogo 12.50, with a freeboard and a deck adapted to racing.




A last-generation Class 40...

The Pogo 40 was designed before the birth of the Class 40. It wasn't at the rule's maximum measurements. It's racing version, the Pogo 40S, was modified to be at the maximum righting moment at 90° and at the minimum displacement. But, since it used the Pogo 40's mould, its 4.40m beam remained 10cm below the rule's maximum.

The Pogo 40S2 is a totally new boat, fully optimized for the Class 40 rule : It is at the same time at the maximum righting moment, maximum beam and minimum displacement. It is designed to be self-righting without outside assistance in case of a capsize, as required by the Global Ocean Race's NOR.




... Fast...

The Pogo 40S2's hull was designed to keep the previous generation's qualities, while improving its weaker points. It features hard chines, all the way to the bow. It is also about 10% more powerful than the previous generation, but has the same wetted area at 15° of heel. Its camber is increased in the aft part, for better light air performance, and its volume increased in the bow, for better downwind behavior. The heeled lines remain very straight, for good maximum speed in stronger winds.

We have also changed the deck, with a large coachroof extension where the sailor can take some rest, the keel, with a smaller and thinner composite fin, and with rudders inspired from the Pogo 10.50 and its exceptionnal steering sensations.


... and Light

The Pogo 40S2's structure is a direct evolution from that of the Pogo 40S, being itself very similar to our IMOCA 60's. Scanteled to be ISO 12217-2 compliant, the boat is structured transversally, giving it a very good longitudinal stiffness. It is built entierly out of vinylester resin, fiberglass fabrics and PVC and SAN foam, for the best reliability and longevity.




For their first race, the Pogo 40S2's finished 1st and 2nd out of 14 Class 40, at Happy Baie in Trinité sur Mer, on 3-5 september 2010 !

4 Pogo 40S2 raced the Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale 2010. They finished at the 2nd, 5th, 7th and 17th places, and are by far the best placed series Class 40 !


General dimensions
Upwind sail area115m2
MaterialsGlass - Vinylester - PVC and SAN foam